Options, or Getting Ready, Groups


If you are planning to join one of the therapeutic communities, you will first need to join an Options or Getting Ready Group. These options groups meet once a week for a couple of hours in the same place as the therapeutic communities (TCs), in Adderbury, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Oxford, and Witney. You would usually then join the TC in the same location. A link to a leaflet for the Options Groups can be found here.

You can be a member of an Options Group/Getting Ready Group for up to a year. After a month you can discuss with the group whether you are ready to join the TC. If so, you will then visit the TC.

These groups provide an opportunity to consider your options, and get ready for more intensive therapy. Putting yourself forward for intensive therapy is a serious undertaking, and the group will provide you with the opportunity to speak to others in a similar situation, and to discuss with staff and members of the local TC what the next step might be for you. TC members regularly visit the groups and are available for you to ask questions.

The groups also help you acclimatise to working in groups, and get used to speaking in front of other people if this is something you struggle with. You will find an outline of the way the groups work here.